Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Feature: CannedJihad!

I am trying to tone down my extremist ways re: literature, but I admit, it's damned difficult. Really, what am I supposed to say to this? http://poemblaze.wordpress.com

It's not like I can unsee it. It's not like I can reach into my brain and remove the words. I know, you're asking "why don't you just leave the poor fucker alone?" Oh, I guess we could, but if you're on CombatWords! it's partially because you too believe that conflict builds strength.

Here. Okay. I'm going to make this fair. If I'm going to feature a twaddle-peddler, then I should also feature someone with some lit ability, right? Okay. So to make it fair, here's someone who's not such an easy target: http://godlessmonkey.wordpress.com/

I don't think he's a bad writer, but he has yet to impress me. Anyhow, for now, CannedJihad! will feature writers of varying strength. Top 'em. That's the trick. Outwrite 'em. I was lazy earlier today and should have just out-written the poemblaze guy, but what can I say? Sometimes I'm antagonistic. It's why I curate CombatWords! after all.

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Canned Combat March 23, 2010: Health Care

What is health and how do we care for it? Why the fuck is it that two thousand years after Hippocrates and the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, we still don't have a sound notion of health? Or maybe you think we do. But I don't want cheap notions and opinions: this is CombatWords! and demands rigor and aggression.

If you post first and nobody else comes to play w/ you, I'll make sure I post something. If you're feeling nervous, why not consider attacking the subject of the upcoming 'CannedJihad!' (sounds so much better, don't you think?) Still, there are so many angles with which one can approach health: why not try?

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