Friday, April 9, 2010

Canned Jihad: The BIG TIME [Ongoing]

In case you were not on Twitter today (or ever, but then you're not as helpful), I wanted to share some thoughts on fucking with 'conservative' command, control, and communication capabilities. Since Serviletives (You heard that one here first folks) are autocratic in nature, their edge comes from message hegemony and maximum mass discipline--as per Mosca. Since initiative is important for media narrative, the more one thwarts their communication efforts, the greater our (that is, non-fascists of all political flavors) comparative advantage becomes. This is because the fascists depend on their closed-system (crack yer logic books if you don't know what I mean)(hierarchical authority, no legitimate 'grassroots' discourse impacting policy) to maximize party discipline (ie debate and information is poison to them). The opposition is open-system. Take advantage!

Twitter is the fastest means of mass-distributing information on the web (maybe there are others, but Twitter seems to be the most popular). Delaying the enemy's ability to disseminate information allows the opposition additional time to pre-empt or counterattack. Narrative is a munition now! DON'T FORGET IT! With that in mind, consider the impact of delaying the hundreds of bullshit talking points that are brought up every week. Think of how much longer it will take the enemies of more freedom (don't believe in 'Freedom' that's just silly) to react if we denied them social networking sites?

So what's the tactic?

Exhibit A) I always send out messages to those whose words I used to craft the day's found poem on twitter. Well, after 'editing' Bread and Circuses (I know it sux, but I'm just the editor--blame Twitter!) I got this precious tweet from fhlug88 "@toylitpaper I in no way endorse this poem. Please take my name off that 3:49 PM Apr 8th via Echofon in reply to toylitpaper" Like I give a shit what he endorses. I said as much.

Exhibit B) After another moment's thought, I realized I could just edit his words. I wanted to piss him off, so I retweeted his message to read:
"@toylitpaper I endorse this poem. Please my name "

It still cracks me up to read it. To make it funnier, I decided to get everyone I could get to retweet MY message and the combination disseminated like 500 times the audience he was reaching. To pour salt in the wound, I declared that he had flipped his politics around 180. Not like anyone hears him when he protests (unless they actually click on his page). He wasn't much fun though--one of those creeps who calls into Glenn Beck or some stupid shit like that (I try to forget useless datapoints to save space for real info). But it would be more fun to fuck with someone with a real audience. Someone who's part of the fascist machinery. Since I've declared this jihad, I say we target the cancer in the media. We will bicker over which politicians to target and that is the classic weakness of insurgencies--infighting. So keep it to media personalities. I have no interest in intellectually engaging conserviletives anymore and instead, I just want to thwart them wherever possible.

So it's really simple, I'd like for you folks to post on this thread a list of targets. Since this is open source, you can go after whomever you'd like. If people disapprove of your target, they will simply not retweet your message. Since discipline makes for more effective fighting forces, I think we should try to come to a partial consensus. Once we've done that, just trawl through your favorite enemy's page and look for something 'editable' and play around. Maximum funny! Russian reversals and all that jazz. While I think moving words around a la mad libs is okay for 'found poems on twitter,' I think it would be more effective to just delete words until the new (preferred) meaning emerges. Omission might be dissembling, but I think it's safer than fabrication. Media fucks quote out of context all the time too. Why let them waltz into our turf without a fight? They know their world is dying. Don't let them take our world over (gird our nerdville).

I think that's it. I don't have time to even bother rereading this to edit (Correction, just did as of 8:19pm PST). I have to work on my poems for the day. But please, talk it over and start attacking at leisure.

BTW, I am going to make an exception to my anti-censorship rule. I will delete the posts of ideological foes. I won't do so in other threads, where literary merit is paramount, but this specific Jihad is political in nature and I will not aid the enemy.

Tally Ho!

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