Friday, April 2, 2010

CannedJihad! Freedom of Speech Raid on Craigslist. April 2, 2010

First, craigslist killed the newspaper. Now that it has created a relative speech monopoly, it is increasingly inclined to censor. That which is not censored, they endorse. So craigslist supports nazis, penis pills, death threats, stalkers, but not poetry.

Fuck that. I say it's time to attack craigslist and show those assholes that it only takes 100 people (the number of regular readers of combatwords) to flatline it.

To prove my point, I don't want you to hit them with just any copypasta--it ought to be original copypasta. Something that violates no TOU by itself, but will incite the micro-censors of craigslist to flag your posts.

If craigslist has ever wronged you, consider how much cash this would cost them. Jim and Craig are worth dozens of millions each. To adjudicate flags, they have to do it by hand. They survive off the expectation that most people will self-police their own behavior. Ah, but they broke the 'social contract' they offered when they were busy killing off the newspapers (a community BBS of BS). So if fifty to one hundred dedicated people spend some time every day posting legitimate content in a manner the micro-censors will find objectionable, it will get their attention.

Hey, they killed the newspapers. Fair is fair, right? Discuss below.

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