Saturday, April 10, 2010

Canned Jihad: Quick Summary of Yesterday's Post

Exhibit A) I always send out messages to those whose words I used to craft the day's found poem on twitter. Well, after 'editing' Bread and Circuses (I know it sux, but I'm just the editor--blame Twitter!) I got this precious tweet from fhlug88 "@toylitpaper I in no way endorse this poem. Please take my name off that 3:49 PM Apr 8th via Echofon in reply to toylitpaper" Like I give a shit what he endorses. I said as much.

Exhibit B) After another moment's thought, I realized I could just edit his words. I wanted to piss him off, so I retweeted his message to read:
"@toylitpaper I endorse this poem. Please my name "

The game is simple: identify someone with no sense of humor--political foe, dullard--and play editor. Disseminate the newly edited edition as widely as possible. This technique amuses friends and irritates enemies.

Hey, it's not my fault discourse has turned into a shouting match. Have fun with it or go crazy by it.

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