Monday, February 22, 2010

Canned Combat: Started Feb 23, 2010 and ONGOING: Conflict

Everybody loves to fight, but some are too scared of the word, so they call it 'conflict.' Fighting comes from many sources; from misunderstandings, to the snap applications of the ego one refuses to back away from, to the desire to test the mettle of another. Conflict is the opposite of equilibrium, of stasis, of death. The sea conflicts with shore; rivals conflict over doctrine; friends, because they're bored.

CombatWords! Attack!

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  1. Intensity

    High intensity is big shipment. French fish trim American fat. Wrinkled eyes pour shark tears, “shoulda been me.” Comin’ home! American pussy looks like Parisian pussy. A zest for survival easily transferred, morphed into two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence. Simply doesn’t screw the same. A bottle of Hennessey slid in a drawer at the old man’s firm. An afternoon pact to kill the worm. The creeper wakes and burrows to antagonize the tendon of the no longer living to activate distrusted nerve endings.

    The low intensity is lower. Fat rack housewife. Its working hours back home and the finder has found an adult friend. Long morning worn out oxycodone buzz. The thrill and the pill are gone. Fingers work the camera and the buttons. Promise of something big, something sticky on the keyboards. Rats will fuck a piece of cheese when they know they’ve been poisoned. A 107 puts them both to sleep. Hazy dream headwrapped helicopter ride. Deutsch translator translates, “he wouldn’t want to live this way. Pull the plug.” Return out of spite. Comes home to spit and drool the milk he drinks from pappy’s cognac glass.

    And it feels good. It does.

  2. You've got some good stuff. Now the thing is to work into some kind of longer narrative or rant even. Something that goes somewhere.

  3. It is in the moments in where one can find thier reality of a "known fact", or believed to be "known fact", or somewhere I thought I heard "known fact" challenged by the perceptual existence of something else. It matter's not who's perception
    When confronted with this moment where upon two realities or more exist in the same space it can illicit a wide span of human reaction for which a consensus is ultimately sought after. In therory, it is for the agreement of reality that the conflux in view between one or more can be quelled.
    which brings me, us(hopefully) to the pursuant mechanism that is attatched to all postulates of reality that have achieved some measure of survivability. Ownership. Ownership is the mechanism that attatches us personally to whatever reality we happen to be defending or fighting for. It is these moments of typicaly conversation. That reality wobbles

  4. Hmm, interesting combatwords, two warriors battle it out. One chooses fiction/prose-poetry a la Michaux; the other chooses a one-punch essay with a single paragraph expressing a long (but effective) arc of thought. This is what I like to see! More blood! You guys haven't even knocked the other one down yet!

    Cuff: riposte!
    Angus: finish him!
    Crowd: Which is it? Opposite styles battling here. Is there not one amongst you with the ovaries or balls to do battle? Look, Angus surrendered expressionistic language for expository language that had specific abstractions it wanted to articulate. Can't you rebut and out-art him? And Cuff is going for a real gamble here w/ the extremely close psychic distance. Do you get it? And if you do, did he still fail with his intentions? Can you top him? If you are too much a coward to leap into the arena, then grade the warriors. I will withhold judgment and extend this thread for a few days: we have an unresolved, but genuine combat here.

  5. Previously misfiled. Should have been in “Love”.

    I brought you a present my dove. Shiny paper, big red bow, Gordian knot to fall under rigid fulcrum of your scissors. Big assed box of biases, chocolate flaws dipped in logic. I owned it but now it’s yours. Ownership. Paternal donor to critical reason. What can I own? This blood so eager to flow out from wild vines tangling into exalted oak branch, wriggling down through porous earth? Beg to staunch the flow. I should. Consult the good sir Newton. Hot lead cooled to honey water for my dove. Toothpick parasol and all.

  6. Addressing reality to anyone seems to be frought with all sorts of contradictions and it is. The task set fourth is not to determine what reality is. For that is the perpetual design inate in owning our experience. The task is to locate where the reality is comming from.

    When one experiences something for it to be understood in any sort of matter or to have thoughts about that something there must be a reference to another experience for a recognition to happen. Consider that the recognition happened only because that there was a previous comparison already there. The present moment in this light seems to come from something that was already there. Built in reality?

    I do not have to address all the ways in which reality can be proven. For it to be proven suggests the presence of somebody including ones self to prove it to. Even individually these conflicts play out over periods of time.

    This colorless text is the subtle suggestion that your identity and all it's glory has been the result of a reality mostly unconsciously created from ages past. It's part of the deliverance of predetermination. We are too ignorant to fathom it in any all knowing way. Yet we try at loss of expanding our universe, our knowledge

  7. Ah like jazz, the topic exists in everything unsaid. This combat's clearly not done. Careful Angus, you're getting dry. Cuff, you might be losing the reader. Still, who am I to judge? The whole point is to let the best words win.

  8. It’s a good critique. If the purpose/raison d’etre isn’t clear to Angus it isn’t to others. I do think there is a projection bias working behind the scenes but I do see the soundness in the critique. Ahhh….but this is not CL. This is Combat Words! So, with that in mind, I reply:

    It’s a thirteen-step program.

    Step 1-2: Sit on leather couch. Tell me what you did. “It’s over and over,” you say, “trying to jizz on my computer and my head explodes.” Oh God. The dream won’t stop. Not enough. Do you hurt little animals? Ever fuck your cousin?

    Step 3: I am your only way out. I can give you what you need. Do you secretly touch your own todesrieb? Anticipation of psychoanalytic friend rape plays eminent domain with the car keys in my pocket.

    Step 4-12: Lay back. Cool compress on burning forehead. Accept this new perception of events; while the cloth percolates, sizzling wisps of steam. You are confused. I know you. Go home, watch tv. Believe in what you see. Now feel better.

    Step 13: Get up and walk out. Get hit by a bus.

  9. How clever.

    You reply with a bias of a bias (as the context of your reply predicates) as a basis to what is behind the prose. Thus, proving ... anything?

    What's a thriteen-step program how dose it relate? It's used as propoganda here with no connection.

    You are all high handed authority here. "You got no thinkin evidence in this retort". I'll give you a couple points for misdirection though

  10. I'm not seeing a killing blow. Out-arting would finish, either by essay (Angus) or by prose-poem (Cuff). This is like watching two boxers spend a whole round clinching.

  11. Back to the essay.

    Conflict and the battle for what's real

    Conflict comes in the form of taking action either historical or intended. You could say that the idea is a potential for conflict. The idea represents a series of actions, which make the idea a real phenomenon. Any actions put the idea into practical use. Thinking, moving, writing, speaking…any amount of energy that arranges reality
    To put that idea into use where it was previously not suggests there is a different one in place or none at all. For an example the idea of a hole in the ground where none exists now suggests the action/ idea digging, to bring it into reality. The conflict in this scenario is actually a measure of energy to make into reality. Ideas are typically made from and brought forth using other ideas
    Ideas are not limited typically from anyone person, humanity as a whole shares ideas as a way of survival. It is in the subconscious personification of ideas when being communicated to others that ideas become attached with something else. Individually we hold a range of ideas to say the least and on a daily basis are reinforcing the bigger life ideas that we have while at the same time subtlety undergoing change through conflict. Also seemingly apposing bigger concepts are able to live in the same individual. The more individuals the idea lives in the more energy is behind it and thus the more real it becomes. The consensus of an idea that exists in let say 10 million people across 1000 miles will vary. The subtle change that that idea undergoes from group to group, region to region will be different depending factors of conflict through some experience. This is why the voice of a large group of individuals that carry the same idea or same idea root will only have agreement on its more basic and fundamental elements or actions.
    The deliverance of predetermination is the forgiveness of all our conflict however that same conflict is the source of the experience of free will. Good night