Monday, February 8, 2010

Combat Prose for Feb 9, 2010

Are you too trusting? I am. When the dupe is you, how do you handle it?

I'll keep issuing topics until I see some traction here.

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  1. What's crazy is that I'm not trusting, but no matter how careful I am I can still get taken sometimes. Last time was when I brought the car into the shop for its 15,000 mile service. I had called a Honda service place and priced the service at about $160 before bringing it to the dealer near my house. The $160 at the garage included new radiator water and coolant. But when I got to the dealer, I was told the service was $200 -- which was OK, I'd pay $40 for convenience -- but did not include the radiator service. Whoa! I said. No go! I'll find a way to take it to the garage rather than pay you an extra $40 and get half a service! OK, the guy said: What we give you instead is a brake adjustment -- that will prolong the life of your brakes; and you don't really need radiator service anyway. OK, I said, that's fair. When I picked up my car later, I didn't think to check the work order. I did that the next day and saw that I didn't get a brake adjustment. I got a brake inspection. I brought the car back to the service guy and said: You sold me something that you didn't give me. He said: "But when we inspected the brakes, we saw that you didn't need an adjustment." I was furious: "I could've told you that!" I shouted at him. "I knew I didn't need a brake adjustment." But there's an upside to the experience: I've been even more careful with them since, and saved hundreds of dollars avoiding unnecessary "service" like a "brake inspection."

  2. Arr! Are there no contenders? Shall this piece be the victor? What is an arena without blood?

    A fine start Onyx. Are there no other contenders?