Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb 21, 2010 Canned Combat: Love

That's right, I've selected the most cliche topic around. That way it's more dangerous because it will be easy to spot who sux at love-writing. This one should get people to 'bring it' because it's easy and inclines one to one-up the other writers.

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  1. The I wants love

    Cupid’s arrow is dipped in secret sauce. The shaft, the fletching, the pointed tip no more than method of delivery. The real magic stews in sauce. The projectile point hovered over candle-heated spoon. Deep breath drawn in while eyes drift and ache in thought. What if? What if we could? A life stretched across lines. Points red, blue, and green and choose. Which point would you? Speck of perfection nestled in cold mouths with hot cocoa. A talk when you were interesting. Moment when thought was clean/perfect and you could fix. Fix on it. “No other greater than I,” I thought. Till love.