Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 5, 2010: Hooray for Dystopia!

Ah, LA. A gigantic machine. A really fun hell. Mechanical mice and backrooms with dice. Wargamer's delight in the virgin night. Everything's for sale and all products fail in the land of El Lay, where warm days are gray. When they're not busy being the end of civilization, they enjoy the fruits of their labor. LA is America's Potemkin shopping mall. In San Francisco, we just make imaginary things for sale, but in LA they sell the sale. And yet this citadel of fraud inspires our rightful awe.

Dystopia's hilarious. CombatWords! Engage...

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  1. concentrate capitalism
    picture of ideal glory
    nestled into it's ever expanding
    by-product. Choking man.

    Like a modern day rome
    grand occupants leave trails of gold
    and service armies camp outside it's wonder

  2. That's just a preamble dude. Next verse! This is CombatWords! Promising beginnings aren't enough. Unfurl this thought and sail it.

  3. streets are painted
    all attitudes of joy
    amidst gunfire faces are smiling
    like walking hallow steel tubes
    The culture, The glue
    Arminians eat at the greek deli
    mexicans only at there brothers
    can they afford susteneance
    Phillipino's delight
    at the swapmeet tonight
    Palestinians hold down
    the one stop smoke shop
    a neighbor of joy therapy
    A large radiant sign
    not to be bothered with illegalities
    a running theme, survival
    in freedoms suppression extreme

    Looking through the window
    of the roach coach motel
    orange dawn light soaks
    the landscape, acentuating
    the promise
    I don a salesmens armor
    my sensability's melt away
    attunement required
    for freedom in LA