Friday, July 29, 2011

CombatWords 7/29/2011: Brain & Mind Damage

CombatWords 7/29/2011: Brain & Mind Damage

Have you ever slammed your head into a brick wall? Choked to unconsciousness? Blacked out while drinking? That’s the more ordinary sort of brain damage. Phineas Gage and Rosemary Kennedy are more extreme versions of brain damage—actual chunks of their brains were removed. Horrifying, but Anders Behring Breivik and Bin Laden are perhaps even more extreme—ideas damaged their minds.

I like incomplete things and people. So write about that.

Combat Expiration: 12am PST 8/1/2011

Critique Expiration: 12am PST, 8/3/2011

Bonuses/Penalties: +2 if posted by 7pm PST, 7/29/2011; +1 if posted by 2am PST, 7/30/2011. -1 if posted by 6am PST, 8/1/2011; -2 if posted by 12pm PST, 8/1/2011

The Rules:

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  1. They’re poisoned by their balls,
    By loneliness, by disco halls.
    To touch one first must play the rules.
    Wine and play a game of pool.

    The disco lights of green surround
    The men in suits—adult playground.
    Home to damage: drink your stresses,
    Flirt, but never gain caresses.

    Chase a tinfoil dragon’s smoke to home,
    Drink sedans and be the gnome
    Reborn five times a week as lord of office—
    Mighty silken boss’s face.

    A dollar a minute,
    An alcohol billet;
    A bar and barrages of loneliness—
    Lechers all choking on horniness.

    Die, but die alone.
    Die upon a brushstroke throne.
    Die in beds gone chaste with age.
    Die, but read and live upon the page.

    The disco lights seduce,
    Ambitions don’t reduce
    When failure calls the strange
    Home to skull, the skull deranged.

    Alter your consciousness,
    Smother your consciousness;
    Laugh at your conscience,
    Forget about conscience.

    A Wiki page explained the source
    Of sickness and its way of course:
    A therapist claimed mechanic tricks
    Conspire to make us live—but sick.

    I follow the dollar
    The dollar dog collar.
    They call, so I follow
    The men who are hollow.
    And keep for my balls
    My walls and my walls.

    I doubt ambition, doubt if I deserve to love
    And doubt the senses—what I shove
    Inside my guts I keep; I swallow
    Gin, champagne and stay as hollow

    As Anders Breivik; my poems are blasts
    That have fizzled at last
    And my bullets, a dialect—no call it direction—
    I speak to reflections

    And sputter and spatter,
    Battle and prattle
    With words for my weapons, my damage, my compass
    Beginning, my ending, my folly, my triumph.

  2. Three generations of missing front teeth.
    Hemorrhages in pubs.
    A month in the Mater
    Six weeks in Beaumont.
    Familiar ceilings.
    Healing processes.
    Herbal pills and cheap thrills
    €5 everything.
    Emigration escape routes.
    Disability dole and pre-pay electric meters.
    Blue fuzz smoke and low laughter.
    Stalkers in shoeshops.
    Handfuls of hair.
    The collapse of a bridge.
    Swift kick to the cunt.
    Captain Morgan's early morning phonecalls.
    Watched backs.
    Splintered clavicle and occular cavity.
    Bitten nails.
    Bloody tiles.
    Acid, vitriol and bile.
    Staring eyes that lock while the body sways.
    The kind of asshole to have it both ways.
    Overdoses and toppled buggies.
    Epileptic psychotic rotten babble
    deaf to mid-wave frequency
    old Amy Winehouse, a young George Best.

    And still so many more days left.

  3. Can you push ideas on the masses? what are the masses? How do ideas evolve and or grow? Is an idea like that of a seed of plant. Where once planted, with good nourishment, and amiable environment it grows to a natural conclusion like that of of a tree or flower or weed. If such is the case what then is the environment Representative of in the realm of ideas? What would nourishment be equivalent too? This analogy is tool or bridge to understanding of that which is elusive in conversation for the mere fact that It is as yet a undeveloped concept en mass compared to science or math or sociology. This is to say that although philosophers, psychiatrists, religious leaders, writers, stoners, scientists, and countless others have understanding of this concept and some more much more than that. It lacks a proper construct to fully communicate the "nature of the beast"; to grasp at understanding and communicating about such a subject in a organized way. I submit that my understanding is born of a American culture which is still defining and redefining itself as compared with other older more entrenched cultures and could be in part reflective of a westernized calling for maturity as a culture.
    My hypothesis is this. As human civilization, we are growing faster than we can get shoes to fit our feet thus making or feet very sore. This analogy pertains to the individual and his ability to cope with wide ranging cultural ideas and ideas that are in direct conflict with each other and that he is widely exposed to due to advances in technology. there is more but I do not know who to express it.

  4. the tie in

    When dominant pivotal idea entities existing in an individuals mind construct are in direct conflict with that of the accepted ideas for the community construct(community construct is relative to the context)there exists conflict with part of the individuals mind construct internally and or externally with the community construct. To bring this back to the topic the "damage" of ideas on ones mind is actually the damage of the construct of community that exists in an individuals mind construct from ideas entities that don't support it's existence.