Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canned Combat: CombatWords! Incantation March 27, 2010

CombatWords! Incantation March 27, 2010
The salesmen preach of amity
While practicing their enmity;
And put at odds, by market force
I seek to free the primal source
That's locked inside a game of Noh:
A friend is less than worthy foe.

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  1. This is all over the board. Are you on about the Hornets? For a reader to trek the worried path into the writer's brain, there must be some reward---and not the altruistic glean of stroking yet another esteem-mining pixel poster. Answer me this...why the f should I read this?

  2. ps. I need one of your articles about observing people, got anything? To run apr. 01-15.

  3. 1) It's just an incantation. You should consider trying to outwrite it.
    2) Eh? You should have my e-mail. Glad to write something, but need more info.

  4. I can't outright it, that's why I wander cobblestones in the rain scribbling disaffected laments. Email, novel thought! I do believe I do.

    In a rare reprise of translucent honesty, I'm a news hound, but in the screaming at radio way. I've mentally programmed myself to see the web as a pastoral setting. And visit happy places as such. Demented? Perhaps, but such are the goggles I sport----I feel like I'm in a confessional. How beezzaar?